May 14, 2009

Schedule Set!

Ayden's all set for the rest of spring and all of summer!
And to be honest,
Dad is too!

Today we finalized his football schedule and DAD is PUMPED! I cant wait to see how he is going to take on football. Since I never got to play football as a kid (thanks Mom) and I love the game so much, I am chomping at the bit to see how he will do. I imagine he will love it until that first good hit...then who knows? Hopefully he loves it, but that will be his decision.

So next month starts the whirl wind of sports goodness. First is coaches pitch, then football camp. Followed by another football camp, and if Ayden enjoys them both he will start Mighty Mights in August. Hopefully another round of basketball will follow but that of course will be up to him. Looks like a busy summer ahead!

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