April 19, 2009

Rock N Ribs 09'

Rock N Ribs was a success this year despite the weather. Ayden and I had a great time sampling the BBQ, goofing off and getting soaked. The picture above was taken by a guy at the Springfield News-Leader. He had asked for Ayden's information and that if it would be OK if it was in the paper. I was pretty excited thinking it would make the Sunday paper. Well it did make the website ( http://tinyurl.com/d3o7vf ) but not the paper. Oh well, the day was a lot of fun and by the end of it Ayden and I were soaked to the bone! I am proud to say that he did make it over this HUGE puddle above. It's funny because from the looks of it, he's a little short. I guess that's why they say never believe what you hear and only half of what you see. Ayden managed to also splash the guy taking the photo so maybe that played a role in getting snubbed for the paper. A little rebel.

I found out Ayden has a real love for BBQ. The kid ate twice his weight consisting of pulled pork and beef brisque. He said he was still hungry once we started getting drenched and had to leave. It's exciting to know his love of BBQ since I also love it! It means he's ready for Chief games and helping the old man out fixing BBQ in the future. Just another thing I look forward to sharing with him.

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

Happy Easter!
This year I don't get Ayden for Easter and I already look forward to next year! It's strange how holidays without Ayden is just a dreaded event. They used to be so important to me and some of the happiest times in my life was spending the holidays with my son. I do have next year to look forward to but sometimes 'next year' seems so far away.
I was blessed with a phone call this morning from Ayden. He wanted to know if the Easter Bunny had payed a visit to me. I laughed and said "well....not really but Im sure he was busy." Ayden then proceeded in telling me that the Easter Bunny had visited him and left him a few items. After hanging up I couldnt help but think about how if the 'Easter Bunny' did pay a visit to me he would most likely resemble the bunny in the picture above.
(I found this picture with a general search...thanks Google Images, and thanks to the creative artist for his/her creation.)
Mr. Bunny would most likely remind me that I need to quit feeling sorry for myself, and enjoy the holiday for what it is. It's hard sometimes to look past my own feelings. I need to be happy that Ayden has a home and a Mother and Father that love him dearly. No I dont get to see Ayden today but he is on my mind and I am thankful that he is happy and loved. I know that next year Mr. Bunny will visit us in my home and hopefully not be so serious....

April 11, 2009


Ayden has shown a real interest in painting. Being his father I am proud to say that he has also shown talent in his art. Being artistic and showing a appreciation for the arts is something that I can share with Ayden. I was always wanting to take more time being artistic whether it be drawing, painting, photography, website design, or my true love of music. I have a feeling that a few hours will be shared with Ayden painting and enjoying what seems to be a shared love of the arts.

April 04, 2009

First Ride of Spring

The first bike ride of spring was a success. We both enjoyed a rather adventurous bike ride today. I had forgotten how much fun it was to take a carefree ride. I used to ride on a pretty regular basis, but after the last two years of events I had gotten away from it. I was so excited to get Ayden a bike so we could share in the fun that I remember riding to be. Although Ayden can ride his new bike that I got him for his Birthday, it still makes me a little nervous to go on a ride of much length. It's still just a bit big for him. His Mother was kind enough to let us borrow the bike he has at her house.

The ride started off with us going full speed down a trail that is close to my house. This full speed was quickly replaced with sort of a mid tempo after Ayden decided that he was getting tired. All I could think was how out of shape I have gotten and how a slower pace would be a much welcomed event. We ended up breaking beside a creek that runs through the trail. We spent awhile sitting, tossing rocks in the water and talking. Ayden begged for me to show him how to skip a rock across the water. The rest of the time spent "resting" I taught Ayden how to skip and by the time it was time to get back on the trail he was skipping rocks pretty well. Much success!

Overall we had a blast. After our break, Dad caught his second wind and was ready to go. Ayden started pooping out after a period of time so we headed home. It was a great ride and another great memory living in Aydensworld!