January 16, 2011

2011 And Still kickin'

Wow amazing how time flies! So much to write about and so much to do......what's new?

Ayden is doing fantastic in School. He seems to really enjoy all of his school work and has made some new friends.

So far we have went thru 4 seasons of basketball, 2 seasons of Mighty Mites, and a season of Baseball as me being his coach. Right now we are taking a long deserved break from sports. I have so many experiences to share being Aydens coach. I am kind of disappointed in myself for not posting to this blog for such a long time and passing over these times in our lives.

Life is starting to come back together for me as well. I have met a fantastic woman, my work life is rock solid and I am finally back to accomplishing some long awaited goals. 2011 looks bright from every angle and I cant complain. What a long strange trip it's been for the last 2-3 years. I look forward to a productive year once again.