June 09, 2008

Wii had a blast!

The little man is back! 

Ayden and I got to spend the day together yesterday. Is was great to see him! He's tanned, taller, and every bit the handsome stud he was when he left!

So I have been battling with myself whether to purchase a wii system to play when he is around. His Mother purchased one a couple of months back and that is all Ayden seems to talk about lately! So I have went back and forth on whether or not to buy one now or later or really ever?

I had all kinds of questions buzzing around in the head. 
Would buying the wii fortify the idea with Ayden that he gets everything he wants? 
Would it show his Mother that I am in some kind of battle for his attention? Would Ayden really not appreciate it? 
Would it start a fun little game of one up with his Mother? 

All of these questions are valid and could possibly happen............

   Yesterday the ol' man broke down and purchased a shinny new wii!

Yep, I have enough to worry about, so buying something for Ayden and worrying about the fallout is not going to start being one of them!

I picked up Ayden in the a.m. and we took a trip to my home away from home Best Buy. I have been seeing a lot of advertising regarding the wii fit game.  I thought it looked like great fun and plus somewhat of a health benefit. I think it's a brilliant concept, a video game that gets you up and moving all being fun at the same time. It's a very simple logical idea but no one has really been successful coming up with a solution....until now! Not only was I lucky enough to find a wii in stock, but they had a few copies of the fit game! These systems have been really tough getting a hold of since the release. The wii fit game has been next to impossible to get a hold of! Well when we arrived and both of these gems were in stock....let's just say I didn't really think twice about it. 

So Ayden and I broke in the system yesterday and it was great. Not only fun to play with him, but great entertainment to watch him play. I do NOT regret the decision purchasing one just based on the amount of fun we had yesterday....AND I have a great feeling that is only the beginning! Yep a few hours will be invested between the two of us.....and who knows the ol'man might drop a couple of pounds in the process. 

Having a blast with my favorite person on earth and getting in shape at the same time......well that's priceless!

June 07, 2008

Heading home......!

Ayden is on his way home today! I am really looking forward to seeing him. He told me over the phone the other night that he really missed me and wished I was there.....me too son, me too.

I have been doing pretty good keeping myself busy and not thinking about what used to be my family, just over a year ago, is gone and having a vacation without me. That really ate at me last year, and granted we was only months into our separation that lead to our divorce, but this year has been a little 'easier'. Well a tiny bit more palatable! I think looking forward to when I am able to financially take Ayden on a vacation with just the two of us really helps the situation right now.

I am stoked he is heading home.

June 05, 2008


I am looking forward to Father's Day for the first time since my divorce. Last Father's day was horrible and I dreaded it' s arrival and once it did come around it was horrible! I honestly can not tell you what I was doing, all I remember was I did get Ayden. It was a disappointment.

So with that I am looking forward to this year. I want to do something special with Ayden but I have yet to come with an idea on what that 'special' thing is? I am not sure anyone really reads this blog, but if there are any readers I am looking for suggestions. I could use an idea or two. Something different and is easy on the pocket book. Thanks for your help!

June 03, 2008

History in the making.....

Tonight is a very exciting night for me.

Anyone who knows me knows that I always get a little too *amped* when it comes to politics and the future of our country. I am a passionate person who believes without doubt in the things I believe. It comes natural for me to be emotionally lead to speak my opinion or agree/disagree without hesitation or fear.

I am a Obama supporter. I believe in the future of this country. I believe that if we all speak not at once but as a united front we can bring about change. We can have a brighter future. We can take back and be proud of our country again. I believe Obama is our best chance for this change. I am not that old but I have never witnessed the buzz that is created with this man within such a diverse set of individuals. He speaks change. Obama is a dynamic craftsman of words that seem to resonate with the youth of this country. No candidate has ever reached the youth as Obama seems to be doing. It's exciting and just what this country is in need of. Someone we can believe in again. This man will once again restore some of the fractions and divisions we have on the World stage. For Aydens sake I pray that we as a nation can once again unite be proud of our Country and celebrate a brighter tomorrow....we owe it to him and his generation!

This stuff gets me worked up....

June 02, 2008

Vacationing and HATING IT!

Well that time of year has rolled around once more and I am back to biting my nails and having that null feeling in the pit of my stomach! No tax day has passed....I'm talking about Ayden and his Mother have gone to Florida on vacation! It's just for a week and not really that big of deal, but man I miss the little guy! I have talked to him a few times since and he seems to be having a good time. He has worked on his swimming and has been able to go fishing a couple of times. I was supposed to have him this past weekend but they left on Friday and he will be gone until this coming Saturday. I might get to see him on Sunday? It sucks but I am glad he has the opportunity to go and create the memories. I wish I could be there too, but I guess it just wasn't in the cards!