June 09, 2008

Wii had a blast!

The little man is back! 

Ayden and I got to spend the day together yesterday. Is was great to see him! He's tanned, taller, and every bit the handsome stud he was when he left!

So I have been battling with myself whether to purchase a wii system to play when he is around. His Mother purchased one a couple of months back and that is all Ayden seems to talk about lately! So I have went back and forth on whether or not to buy one now or later or really ever?

I had all kinds of questions buzzing around in the head. 
Would buying the wii fortify the idea with Ayden that he gets everything he wants? 
Would it show his Mother that I am in some kind of battle for his attention? Would Ayden really not appreciate it? 
Would it start a fun little game of one up with his Mother? 

All of these questions are valid and could possibly happen............

   Yesterday the ol' man broke down and purchased a shinny new wii!

Yep, I have enough to worry about, so buying something for Ayden and worrying about the fallout is not going to start being one of them!

I picked up Ayden in the a.m. and we took a trip to my home away from home Best Buy. I have been seeing a lot of advertising regarding the wii fit game.  I thought it looked like great fun and plus somewhat of a health benefit. I think it's a brilliant concept, a video game that gets you up and moving all being fun at the same time. It's a very simple logical idea but no one has really been successful coming up with a solution....until now! Not only was I lucky enough to find a wii in stock, but they had a few copies of the fit game! These systems have been really tough getting a hold of since the release. The wii fit game has been next to impossible to get a hold of! Well when we arrived and both of these gems were in stock....let's just say I didn't really think twice about it. 

So Ayden and I broke in the system yesterday and it was great. Not only fun to play with him, but great entertainment to watch him play. I do NOT regret the decision purchasing one just based on the amount of fun we had yesterday....AND I have a great feeling that is only the beginning! Yep a few hours will be invested between the two of us.....and who knows the ol'man might drop a couple of pounds in the process. 

Having a blast with my favorite person on earth and getting in shape at the same time......well that's priceless!

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