January 28, 2006

Ready For Prime Time Baby

It looks like Ayden is ready to move to the next level.

The three of us went to tour his (Pre) Pre-School on Friday. Ayden will start on Feb 1st. I really feel comfortable knowing that he is ready. It's amazing to me that he seems to grasp the concept of school. I feel very confident on his maturity level at this point and should adapt well to the "school" enviroment. As we were touring the school he seemed to be right at home. Ayden has been bugging my wife since we have broke the news to him that he will be starting school in lieu of going to his sitter. As they pass by certain locations Ayden will ask his Mom,

"Is that my school?"

As we toured the school Ayden ran around and acted liked he might have owned the place. He was a bit shy towards the instructors, but regardless he was right at home.
Time has really went by so fast. I feel very excited to have Ayden in a learning enviroment, but at the same time, the time seems to have gotten here a little too quick for my taste. Ayden will be 3 in March and it just doesnt seem like that should be happening this soon.

January 19, 2006

Another Me?

I get told often that Ayden resembles his father. I have to admit he is a great looking kid, but I always cringe when people remind me how much he looks like his dad. I also have a great overwhelming sense of pride, all at the same time. My looks fall far short of such a comparison, but I am so proud of my son. God sure did bless us with a wonderful child.
So if Ayden resembles me in looks that would have to be where the comparisons stop.. Right? Well not really. He seems to have taken a lot more than looks from his old man. More and more every day Ayden grows into his own personality. A mix of his Mother, myself and of course his own. Ayden has a temper. What 2 1/2 year old child doesn't have some showing of a temper? I try to remind myself of this daily but I see some of his old man's temper showing through from time to time. I have been told that I have somewhat of a temper. It takes certain little things to set me off and I guess the real problem is, no one really knows what those "certain little things" are. I really don't know. When I see Ayden throw his fits I wonder what is toddler and what has been inherited? I have always said that I want Ayden to have everything that I never did. I hope a well manned temperament is one of them.
I want to thank Aydens mother for the inspiration behind this topic.

January 10, 2006

What Did You Say?

"Daddy, I smell something!"

"What...........?" " What do you smell son?"

"It smells like a skunk in the road!"

Ayden seems to have all the right words at all the wrong times. The above was recently rattled off at the top of Ayden's lungs in a crowded restaurant restroom. After a truly embarrassing second or two, I couldn't help but laugh and smile at the innocent smiling face staring back at me. What an imagination! Where in the world did he come up with that? I must admit that I had heard him say it before, but just not in the correct context. It was quite amusing and quite honest. Ayden seems to be the most honest person in the family nowadays.....no matter the pain involved.

Does my breath stink?
Oh that's right, Ayden already said it did!

Positive or negative, Ayden never lets me down. The honesty never stops. One honest comment after another and it makes you wish that everyone would really be that honest with you. Well sometimes anyway. I understand that honesty is common among his age group due to the pure state of innocence, it's just too bad that we all seem to lose this gift along the way.

January 07, 2006

The Facts Of Fatherhood

I ran across a very interesting article today regarding the importance of a father in the home. It's a cold view into how far the family has fallen. This disheartening trend seems to gain steam more and more every year.
After reading the list in the article can only wonder what can we do as a society to restore the importance of family?
Why does the trend continue to be passed along from generation to generation?
Where did it all go wrong?
Is it just something that was inevitable with the fast paced society we were bound to become?
Why does it seem that the many problems that we face in our society today can be directly related to the home environment?
As I read through the list in the article I was sicken by the shear numbers. My father was mostly absent throughout my childhood so I know firsthand the importance of having a father around. I could blame a lot of my shortcomings on my Father, but I know that at some point in time we have to be accountable for our own actions and become a free minded adult who must choose their own path. It would have been easier to have my Father around but the choices I have made and the loving support of my Mother truly has made me who I am today. Not all children are as lucky. I hope the world wakes up and realizes just how far off the mark we are and how important a family is to our children.

January 02, 2006

2006? Are you sure?

Excuse me......
But I just read that it was 2006. Is that right? Wasn't it just 1984 like a couple of years ago? Yeah I remember it well... The Chicago Bears had just won the Super Bowl, Michael Jackson was the best entertainer in the world (and still had the appearance of a human) ,MTV was the most entertaining network on cable, Ronald Reagan was in the White House...Mmm Yeah I remember it well. How in the world can it be 2006? Where has the time gone. Have I missed something?
Why is it that as we get older the time seems to go faster. Wouldn't it make more sense for time to slow down as we age? I guess there are a lot of things that don't make much sense if I was to really set back and think about them.
When I was Ayden's age time seemed endless. The days dragged on and on. Oh, those endless summer days.
Time seemed to speed up drastically when I graduated high school. It seems to have increased in speed every year since. A day is a blink of an eye. A year seems more like a month.
I yearn for those days that lasted forever, but I cant complain with the present and what it has to offer.