March 28, 2009

Birthday Success No. 6

Aydens 6th Birthday Party

Ayden enjoyed many gifts and everyones favorite gift CASH!

The image above is my favorite of the night.

Mr. Center Of Attention!

Ayden went with the Star Wars cake this year. I cant help but think it was due in large part to the many hours of Lego Star Wars time we have put in lately.

Overall it was a great evening. Ayden had six of his school mates and a few family members in attendance. Once again Ayden decided to have his party at Chuck-E-Cheese which kind of came as a surprise this year. We had attended a earlier birthday party of one of his pals at a local rock climbing business. He loved it! At the time he mentioned that he would love to have his birthday party at the same place, but as with all 5 year olds he had a change of heart come birthday time.

Ayden's New Ride
I almost purchased his bike for Christmas this past year and decided that he would enjoy it more come spring. He had out grown his "Harley" bike and it was time to move up. I had mixed emotions with going with a 20" bike so soon but within minutes of giving Ayden his new bike he was off and loving it. I feel I made the right decision knowing that he will have it for some time to come with plenty of room to grow. My little man is riding a big boy bike now!

March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Ayden!

Happy Sixth Birthday Son!

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March 25, 2009

How time flies....

My youngest memory that clearly can be recalled is getting on the school bus my kindergarten year. I remember being both excited and very scared. A new adventure that meant getting out of the house, but also something I had no idea what to expect. I attended pre-school so I remember thinking that it couldn't be much different, but on the same hand everyone kept telling me how I was going to be a "big boy" now.

Looking back at old photos I would run across a picture that Mom had taken that day. It would take me right back to the big day! As I grow older I often wonder if I remember this day so clearly because of that photo? I often think about how lucky Ayden and his generation are to always have a camera on them, footage of a video camera, the wonderful great internet! So many things to capture their thoughts and feelings. An endless treasure chest to go to recall the memories.

I cant believe that Ayden will be six years old tomorrow. Time is flying by and every chance I get I try to take in just how fast he is growing on me. We have been thru a lot in his first 6 years. So many changes have taken place in our lives since he has been born that it makes me wonder what's ahead. A few things are certain. There will never be a shortage of pictures or video of him if I can help it, he will always be the one that will be able to strike a smile across my face regardless of the circumstances, and last but not least, he will always have a Father that loves him more than anything!

I Love You Son!

March 24, 2009

March 10, 2009!

"Dad....Guess what?"
Smiling always happy hear the little mans voice.
"Hey Dude...What are you doing?"
"You want to hear something? Listen to this"
A few moments of silence are pierced by a light
Straining not really sure what Im hearing I ask,
"Yeah...Did you hear it? Isn't that cool?"
"Son...What are you doing?"
"Uhh listen Dad!!"
Showing a bit of frustration in his voice.
Suddenly hearing two little fingers snapping together,
I believe I have an understanding of what he's doing.
"I can CLICK!"
Ayden exclaims.
After containing myself from a fit of laughter, the father "Mr. Buzzkill" comes out.
"Ayden, you can snap! That's snapping!"

I asked Ayden where he had learned such a skill. He proceeded to tell me
"well I've seen you and mommy do it and I just started doing it at school today."

"And Dad I done it all day today, I couldn't stop!"

It's just another day living in Ayden's world and there's no other place I would rather be!

Thank You God!

March 08, 2009

Spring Forward!

Moving the clock up can only mean one thing....
Spring is just around the corner!
Thank God!
This winter season has worn it's welcome and thankfully has taken the hint and will be leaving soon. So with the exit of winter and the enter of spring I am filled with a desire to get out and enjoy the sunshine. It's time to start planning out what Ayden and I are going to be doing to enjoy said sunshine. 
Swimming, bike riding, camping, fishing and many many hours of park time! 
I look forward to another eventful summer with the little man.