March 28, 2009

Birthday Success No. 6

Aydens 6th Birthday Party

Ayden enjoyed many gifts and everyones favorite gift CASH!

The image above is my favorite of the night.

Mr. Center Of Attention!

Ayden went with the Star Wars cake this year. I cant help but think it was due in large part to the many hours of Lego Star Wars time we have put in lately.

Overall it was a great evening. Ayden had six of his school mates and a few family members in attendance. Once again Ayden decided to have his party at Chuck-E-Cheese which kind of came as a surprise this year. We had attended a earlier birthday party of one of his pals at a local rock climbing business. He loved it! At the time he mentioned that he would love to have his birthday party at the same place, but as with all 5 year olds he had a change of heart come birthday time.

Ayden's New Ride
I almost purchased his bike for Christmas this past year and decided that he would enjoy it more come spring. He had out grown his "Harley" bike and it was time to move up. I had mixed emotions with going with a 20" bike so soon but within minutes of giving Ayden his new bike he was off and loving it. I feel I made the right decision knowing that he will have it for some time to come with plenty of room to grow. My little man is riding a big boy bike now!

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