March 10, 2009!

"Dad....Guess what?"
Smiling always happy hear the little mans voice.
"Hey Dude...What are you doing?"
"You want to hear something? Listen to this"
A few moments of silence are pierced by a light
Straining not really sure what Im hearing I ask,
"Yeah...Did you hear it? Isn't that cool?"
"Son...What are you doing?"
"Uhh listen Dad!!"
Showing a bit of frustration in his voice.
Suddenly hearing two little fingers snapping together,
I believe I have an understanding of what he's doing.
"I can CLICK!"
Ayden exclaims.
After containing myself from a fit of laughter, the father "Mr. Buzzkill" comes out.
"Ayden, you can snap! That's snapping!"

I asked Ayden where he had learned such a skill. He proceeded to tell me
"well I've seen you and mommy do it and I just started doing it at school today."

"And Dad I done it all day today, I couldn't stop!"

It's just another day living in Ayden's world and there's no other place I would rather be!

Thank You God!

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