March 25, 2009

How time flies....

My youngest memory that clearly can be recalled is getting on the school bus my kindergarten year. I remember being both excited and very scared. A new adventure that meant getting out of the house, but also something I had no idea what to expect. I attended pre-school so I remember thinking that it couldn't be much different, but on the same hand everyone kept telling me how I was going to be a "big boy" now.

Looking back at old photos I would run across a picture that Mom had taken that day. It would take me right back to the big day! As I grow older I often wonder if I remember this day so clearly because of that photo? I often think about how lucky Ayden and his generation are to always have a camera on them, footage of a video camera, the wonderful great internet! So many things to capture their thoughts and feelings. An endless treasure chest to go to recall the memories.

I cant believe that Ayden will be six years old tomorrow. Time is flying by and every chance I get I try to take in just how fast he is growing on me. We have been thru a lot in his first 6 years. So many changes have taken place in our lives since he has been born that it makes me wonder what's ahead. A few things are certain. There will never be a shortage of pictures or video of him if I can help it, he will always be the one that will be able to strike a smile across my face regardless of the circumstances, and last but not least, he will always have a Father that loves him more than anything!

I Love You Son!


Kara said...

Your post is so heartfelt and sweet. Cute. I couldn't help but notice the giant arrow pointing at male genetillia in the background.

Kara said...

way to crop the pic and make me look like a wierdo!