June 10, 2009

Pigskin Camp Round 1

Ayden's first football camp was a smashing success! Two days of pure football goodness. It was a relief and very exciting to hear Ayden enjoyed every aspect so far. He got to participate in a various number of mini skill builders and didn't have a single complaint. So far so good.

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to attend this round of camp due to work, but you can bet I will be there for Round II. Ayden's participation in Mighty Mights will hinge on the outcome of the second round of camp in July. I am more then hoping he continues to enjoy every aspect his football experience. If Mighty Mights becomes a reality in September his father is going to find it hard to contain himself with excitement!

Great Job Son!

June 02, 2009

Sluggers 1-0

Ayden's first coaches pitch game is in the books! The sluggers won by a wide margin and Ayden looked great. As a father who wants nothing more then to see his son do well, there was a little less expectations then normal.

Aydens team was up to bat first. In practice he hasn't had much swing time. The rules of this coaches pitch league is the kids get three swings from the coach pitching and two swings off a tee if needed. Ayden was batting third and I was so excited to see how he would do.

I have played ball with Ayden since he was three. Around that time came the first wiffle ball set. There is not a Dad in the world that doesn't look forward to playing ball with his son/daughter for the first time. I remember right away as soon as he was able to grasp, tossing the ball and seeing if he was able to catch at all, pitching the ball to him to see if he could hit. "Testing" him. Did I mention he was three? I guess I had the expectations that since my son was "perfect", he would come out of the womb swinging a bat, throwing a spiral, and show the hands of greatness. I had very high expectations. Of coarse we had to work on a few things for him to be able to hold a bat, catch a ball, and throw, but I am proud to say Ayden picked up things pretty quick. He seemed to have a great swing for a kid so young. Yes, im biased. Seriously though he seemed to have a great swing. He has a good arm for his age. The swing still needs some work, after all he's just six now, but overall he is showing ability. If Ayden enjoys playing and learns the fundamentals he is going to do just fine.

So Ayden steps up to the plate, coach pitches the ball and BAM....first pitch is hit for a line drive past the the second base into the outfield. I will never forget the feeling. Something so small, so insignificant, was fantastic to actually see happen. It was a sure double but the first base coach held Ayden at first. First official at bat goes for a single and a RBI. The sluggers got their six runs and it was time to switch sides. Daddy is proud!

Ayden was placed in the outfield for the first inning. Not a lot of action and the sluggers got their three outs.

Ayden had to take his three pitches and hit off the tee at his next at bat, but made contact for a line drive at the pitcher position and right in to the glove. No big deal, he showed a great swing and made contact. The coolest thing is Ayden was back on the bench with his helment off and didnt show any sign of it bothering him. From his two basketball stints so far...that is coming a long way. Ayden is VERY competitive. The sluggers once again got the six runs needed and time to switch.

Ayden was placed at first base for the remaining of the game. He made a great catch for the second out. He had three really good plays. I was not only very proud, but a little shocked.

Overall his first game was a smashing success. Ayden showed his athletic ability, showed great sportsmanship, had a blast, and got to enjoy Ice cream after the game. Well done son....well done!