August 26, 2008

August 25, 2008

Day 1

The big day finally arrived.....Ayden started Kindergarten today!
Overall Aydens first day was a smashing success. He was very excited this morning to arrive at school and check it out. Smiling from ear to ear he was ready!! Let's hope he remains at least somewhat excited for years to come.

So the results......
Ayden said he made 4 new friends.
"Dad how many friends will I have to make to make a 100 friends?"
"Well son, you will need to make 96 more."
"96 more? Can YOU even count that high?"

Aydens favorite part of his day.....Recess of coarse!
Yep he's MY son.
That was always my favorite!
Lunch ran a close second for him...
"Dad you get a lot of time to eat!"

It's so hard to believe my little man is now in school.
Day 1 is in the books.

August 20, 2008

Gone Baby Gone.........

Where has the summer went?
Why has it been months since I touched this blog?
Why does It feel like I'm 58 years old?
How in the world can Ayden be starting kindergarten next week?
Why do I keep breaking promises to myself while avoiding doing it to others?
Why do I rush into things only to rush right back out?
How does one become so bitter?
Why does it feel like I have so many that depend on me, yet I am still looking for one to depend on?
Will I ever find my dream girl?
Why do I have such a difficult time answering Ayden's questions?
Why do I have to answer those questions alone?
Why do I worry about Ayden more and more everyday?
Why do I ask myself so many questions?

I have lost my mind......I plan to have an answer to these questions and so much more in the coming months. Ayden starts school August 25 and that should provide some great content! I have lost my's gone baby gone.....!