April 04, 2009

First Ride of Spring

The first bike ride of spring was a success. We both enjoyed a rather adventurous bike ride today. I had forgotten how much fun it was to take a carefree ride. I used to ride on a pretty regular basis, but after the last two years of events I had gotten away from it. I was so excited to get Ayden a bike so we could share in the fun that I remember riding to be. Although Ayden can ride his new bike that I got him for his Birthday, it still makes me a little nervous to go on a ride of much length. It's still just a bit big for him. His Mother was kind enough to let us borrow the bike he has at her house.

The ride started off with us going full speed down a trail that is close to my house. This full speed was quickly replaced with sort of a mid tempo after Ayden decided that he was getting tired. All I could think was how out of shape I have gotten and how a slower pace would be a much welcomed event. We ended up breaking beside a creek that runs through the trail. We spent awhile sitting, tossing rocks in the water and talking. Ayden begged for me to show him how to skip a rock across the water. The rest of the time spent "resting" I taught Ayden how to skip and by the time it was time to get back on the trail he was skipping rocks pretty well. Much success!

Overall we had a blast. After our break, Dad caught his second wind and was ready to go. Ayden started pooping out after a period of time so we headed home. It was a great ride and another great memory living in Aydensworld!

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