April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

Happy Easter!
This year I don't get Ayden for Easter and I already look forward to next year! It's strange how holidays without Ayden is just a dreaded event. They used to be so important to me and some of the happiest times in my life was spending the holidays with my son. I do have next year to look forward to but sometimes 'next year' seems so far away.
I was blessed with a phone call this morning from Ayden. He wanted to know if the Easter Bunny had payed a visit to me. I laughed and said "well....not really but Im sure he was busy." Ayden then proceeded in telling me that the Easter Bunny had visited him and left him a few items. After hanging up I couldnt help but think about how if the 'Easter Bunny' did pay a visit to me he would most likely resemble the bunny in the picture above.
(I found this picture with a general search...thanks Google Images, and thanks to the creative artist for his/her creation.)
Mr. Bunny would most likely remind me that I need to quit feeling sorry for myself, and enjoy the holiday for what it is. It's hard sometimes to look past my own feelings. I need to be happy that Ayden has a home and a Mother and Father that love him dearly. No I dont get to see Ayden today but he is on my mind and I am thankful that he is happy and loved. I know that next year Mr. Bunny will visit us in my home and hopefully not be so serious....

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