January 02, 2006

2006? Are you sure?

Excuse me......
But I just read that it was 2006. Is that right? Wasn't it just 1984 like a couple of years ago? Yeah I remember it well... The Chicago Bears had just won the Super Bowl, Michael Jackson was the best entertainer in the world (and still had the appearance of a human) ,MTV was the most entertaining network on cable, Ronald Reagan was in the White House...Mmm Yeah I remember it well. How in the world can it be 2006? Where has the time gone. Have I missed something?
Why is it that as we get older the time seems to go faster. Wouldn't it make more sense for time to slow down as we age? I guess there are a lot of things that don't make much sense if I was to really set back and think about them.
When I was Ayden's age time seemed endless. The days dragged on and on. Oh, those endless summer days.
Time seemed to speed up drastically when I graduated high school. It seems to have increased in speed every year since. A day is a blink of an eye. A year seems more like a month.
I yearn for those days that lasted forever, but I cant complain with the present and what it has to offer.

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