January 10, 2006

What Did You Say?

"Daddy, I smell something!"

"What...........?" " What do you smell son?"

"It smells like a skunk in the road!"

Ayden seems to have all the right words at all the wrong times. The above was recently rattled off at the top of Ayden's lungs in a crowded restaurant restroom. After a truly embarrassing second or two, I couldn't help but laugh and smile at the innocent smiling face staring back at me. What an imagination! Where in the world did he come up with that? I must admit that I had heard him say it before, but just not in the correct context. It was quite amusing and quite honest. Ayden seems to be the most honest person in the family nowadays.....no matter the pain involved.

Does my breath stink?
Oh that's right, Ayden already said it did!

Positive or negative, Ayden never lets me down. The honesty never stops. One honest comment after another and it makes you wish that everyone would really be that honest with you. Well sometimes anyway. I understand that honesty is common among his age group due to the pure state of innocence, it's just too bad that we all seem to lose this gift along the way.

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