January 07, 2006

The Facts Of Fatherhood

I ran across a very interesting article today regarding the importance of a father in the home. It's a cold view into how far the family has fallen. This disheartening trend seems to gain steam more and more every year.
After reading the list in the article can only wonder what can we do as a society to restore the importance of family?
Why does the trend continue to be passed along from generation to generation?
Where did it all go wrong?
Is it just something that was inevitable with the fast paced society we were bound to become?
Why does it seem that the many problems that we face in our society today can be directly related to the home environment?
As I read through the list in the article I was sicken by the shear numbers. My father was mostly absent throughout my childhood so I know firsthand the importance of having a father around. I could blame a lot of my shortcomings on my Father, but I know that at some point in time we have to be accountable for our own actions and become a free minded adult who must choose their own path. It would have been easier to have my Father around but the choices I have made and the loving support of my Mother truly has made me who I am today. Not all children are as lucky. I hope the world wakes up and realizes just how far off the mark we are and how important a family is to our children.

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