January 28, 2006

Ready For Prime Time Baby

It looks like Ayden is ready to move to the next level.

The three of us went to tour his (Pre) Pre-School on Friday. Ayden will start on Feb 1st. I really feel comfortable knowing that he is ready. It's amazing to me that he seems to grasp the concept of school. I feel very confident on his maturity level at this point and should adapt well to the "school" enviroment. As we were touring the school he seemed to be right at home. Ayden has been bugging my wife since we have broke the news to him that he will be starting school in lieu of going to his sitter. As they pass by certain locations Ayden will ask his Mom,

"Is that my school?"

As we toured the school Ayden ran around and acted liked he might have owned the place. He was a bit shy towards the instructors, but regardless he was right at home.
Time has really went by so fast. I feel very excited to have Ayden in a learning enviroment, but at the same time, the time seems to have gotten here a little too quick for my taste. Ayden will be 3 in March and it just doesnt seem like that should be happening this soon.

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