January 19, 2006

Another Me?

I get told often that Ayden resembles his father. I have to admit he is a great looking kid, but I always cringe when people remind me how much he looks like his dad. I also have a great overwhelming sense of pride, all at the same time. My looks fall far short of such a comparison, but I am so proud of my son. God sure did bless us with a wonderful child.
So if Ayden resembles me in looks that would have to be where the comparisons stop.. Right? Well not really. He seems to have taken a lot more than looks from his old man. More and more every day Ayden grows into his own personality. A mix of his Mother, myself and of course his own. Ayden has a temper. What 2 1/2 year old child doesn't have some showing of a temper? I try to remind myself of this daily but I see some of his old man's temper showing through from time to time. I have been told that I have somewhat of a temper. It takes certain little things to set me off and I guess the real problem is, no one really knows what those "certain little things" are. I really don't know. When I see Ayden throw his fits I wonder what is toddler and what has been inherited? I have always said that I want Ayden to have everything that I never did. I hope a well manned temperament is one of them.
I want to thank Aydens mother for the inspiration behind this topic.

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Anonymous said...

Beauty is found within. You don't give yourself enough credit to see how beautiful you really are. If you find such wonderful blessings about your son remember that you contribute to them. You've been blessed with a gift, but I beleive it's a two way gift. You receive blessings by having him in your life, but you will also be blessed by the things that you can learn from him. I'm Ayden's mother and I have been touched by Angels by having both of these boys in my life.