June 03, 2008

History in the making.....

Tonight is a very exciting night for me.

Anyone who knows me knows that I always get a little too *amped* when it comes to politics and the future of our country. I am a passionate person who believes without doubt in the things I believe. It comes natural for me to be emotionally lead to speak my opinion or agree/disagree without hesitation or fear.

I am a Obama supporter. I believe in the future of this country. I believe that if we all speak not at once but as a united front we can bring about change. We can have a brighter future. We can take back and be proud of our country again. I believe Obama is our best chance for this change. I am not that old but I have never witnessed the buzz that is created with this man within such a diverse set of individuals. He speaks change. Obama is a dynamic craftsman of words that seem to resonate with the youth of this country. No candidate has ever reached the youth as Obama seems to be doing. It's exciting and just what this country is in need of. Someone we can believe in again. This man will once again restore some of the fractions and divisions we have on the World stage. For Aydens sake I pray that we as a nation can once again unite be proud of our Country and celebrate a brighter tomorrow....we owe it to him and his generation!

This stuff gets me worked up....

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