May 09, 2009

Fishing with the buddies!

Ayden and Max getting ready to enjoy a day of fishing. Max is the son of my closest friend Brent. The age difference between Max and Ayden are the same as their fathers. They seem to have made a special bond already and it's the greatest thing for the four of us to spend time together.

Ayden loves to fish! He is actually much better at it already then I ever was. I think he enjoys it more then I ever did, but I love to watch him. Of coarse he tells me what he's doing to catch the next big fish and I take it all in!

Sheesh...the boys are trying to fish! Brent and I took the time to catch up and the boys was all business.

Brent happens to love fishing and is pretty good at it. It looks like Max is going to follow in the footsteps.

The first catch of the day! Look at that whale! The boys both enjoyed catching a few fish before it was all over. The day was a great success. Nothing better then spending the day with the two sweetest kids on earth all in the company of a great friend. Im sure there will be plenty of fishing in the future for the four of us!

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