May 21, 2009


Ayden had his first coaches pitch practice today with his new team. Ive been so excited to get him started and holding out that I would get to help coach the team. Well as if I should be surprised, my plans was foiled.

We arrived at practice and it was a joke. I took off early today to make sure I had him to his first practice early to help him get settled in and meet his team mates. I thought getting there at least 30 mins. early would surly do the trick. dice. The practice was scheduled to start at 5:30 per the coach. Oh what a work of art the coach is. If I was into drugs, this guy would be my man. I hate judging anyone by the way they look, but this guy is a piece of art.

I digress....we arrived to the field at 5 till 5:00. I had to take out of work early but for Ayden, not a problem. As we roll up we see about a dozen kids on the field. Hey no problem the field is open to other teams, and this was for sure another team wrapping up their scheduled practice. As we was getting our stuff together and heading to the field about three other cars pulled up. Just reinforcing the fact that our team was arriving and this team on the field was not ours. quite. Turns out Mr. Coach told some people to be there at 4:30. Some others at 5:00 and a few others 5:30. Our team was on the field and had been for about 30 min. What a joke! I have to admit I was just a little pissed. Well as the time wore on it got even better. As I've mentioned our coach is a real work of art. He had no control over getting these kids together, deciding what to do, and well the guy is just not cut out to lead anything but apparently a bong to his mouth. Again Dad is heating up by the minute. Coach couldn't even decide on a time to tell all of the parents.

Well needless to say it took all of about an hour to waste every parents time there. No order, no plan, nothing. It was a sad state of affairs. The whole ordeal was not only disappointing for Ayden, but Dad was beyond pissed by the end of it and highly disappointed that he will not be participating with anything but Aydens cheerleader. Which at the end of the day, is all good. I'm already his biggest fan, why not just sit back and enjoy the train wreak and cheer my son on?

The real kicker with all of this is that the last round of basketball we had to go thru the same type of situation. Our coach was not only showing up to our practices lit up, but to our games having to wear sunglasses to cover up his road map eyes. It's sad that they let these types of people who are supposed to be role models for the kids, with-in a hundred feet of the kids let alone coach them. I will be much more proactive from here on out and take the reins and do a little more research on what I choose to get Ayden involved in. I also plan to get my application in the day they are open to collect for prospective coaches and hopefully not only can I coach his team, but maybe become a coach the kids will not have to worry about having fun with.

The whole situation just blows my mind!

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