May 01, 2007

Part Time

I am averaging a couple of days a week that I get to spend time with Ayden. It has been tough adjusting to the new role I now must accustom myself to. I try to enjoy every minute but I constantly find myself thinking about what it's going to be like when I only get him one day a week and every other weekend. It is going to be rough.
Ayden seems confused at times about the arrangements. He still hasn't adjusted to the fact that he has to switch back and forth between his Mother and I. It tears me apart that he cant be in his home and in his room full time. Other times he amazes me on the way he seems so adult like. Talking about "Daddy's house" and "Mommy's" house. When he says things like that it gives me hope that he can adjust to his new life with out much repercussion. He is a strong little boy......

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