May 14, 2007

Fallout Episode I

It looks as though I am trying to deal with the first fallout of the divorce with Ayden. After talking with his teacher at school it seems that Ayden has not been himself lately. This of coarse was expected to happen sooner or later as he tries to deal with all of the changes that are taking place in his life. He is not in a steady environment he has had since birth. It kills me that he has to be shuffled back and forth between his Mother and I, knowing that it has to be confusing to him. His teacher expressed concern, but was quick to say that it's normal and to be expected. He has been lashing out at other students and being pretty emotional at times. I hate it for him and I hope he bounces back to being the good kid he has always been. I feel pretty confident that when him and his Mother settle down he will be much better off. Hopefully that will be soon.

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