May 30, 2006

The Big Move

We are now in our new home. It was such a long journey to get here. Ayden seems to be adjusting to his new diggs well. He has informed me that I need to get his room painted ASAP. He would like to have Thomas The Tank Engine painted on his walls and Red, Blue, and Green as his primary colors. I hope to be able to talk him out of the rainbow colors, but I still would like to get Thomas painted for him.
Once we started moving in Ayden was pretty upset that the new house didn't come with a fish tank that was in the house when we were looking to buy it. It took awhile to explain to him that we would have to buy one and that the one that was in the house was not ours. I am not sure he fully grasps the idea but he keeps reminding us that we need a fish tank. I have been against the idea of buying one but the more he reminds me how much he wants fish, the more the idea works on me. I am sure a fish tank is in our future.
We have been saving for the time when we were able to get the house we have always wanted, but it's still a little nerve racking with the amount of money we seem to be spending on things we need. I keep telling myself we are alright and are just a little bit outside our comfort level. We will be fine it's just hard to step out sometimes.
The Big move has come and past and now another chapter in our family begins. I am looking forward for the things in store for us.

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