May 09, 2006

All Systems GO

So far....So Good. Our house buying process seems to be moving along smoothly. What can I say but THANK GOD! After all the stuff we have been through the past few months it's a welcome change. For awhile it seemed like everything was working against us, but as I type this everything is seems to be falling into place.

I have such big plans ahead that the anticipation of getting in our house is killing me. I know my wife and Ayden are getting excited and seem to be ready for the change.

I have noticed lately that we have all been really moody. It seems to have been this way awhile. Maybe the house will bring us all back to the tight 3 we were a few months back.

Ayden has informed us that he wants to paint his room blue. He also wants THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE painted on his walls. It will be a daunting task but I am going to see what I can do to fulfill his wishes. If I have to hire someone, I will. I want Ayden to have the room he wants,however that may be. I think it's going to be hard to say no to him for awhile. He has been through some tough months trying to adjust and he's at the age that it's really hard for him to figure out. I'm not so sure I understand it all.

It should be exciting moving in and getting settled and I cant say that the day will be here too soon. We are 8 days and counting........

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