April 30, 2006

Getting Close

We have found a home. We have 18 days and counting. This process has been going for so long we are more than ready.

Ayden seems to like the new house. He hasn't mentioned anything about balls yet but he seems to think that since the current owner owns a dog and it has been there each time we have looked at the house, that the house comes with the dog. We have tried to explain that the dog will be leaving when we move in and that he already has a dog that will keep him company. Ayden still misses Zakk so anytime a dog is brought up, Ayden wants to know when Zakk is coming home. The subject seems to change on my behalf after that.

All three of us are so excited about our new house. I think the house will end up being perfect for us. I am looking forward to having people over and having Ayden in his own backyard to play and horse around with his friends. It should be great!

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