April 25, 2006

Time Keeps On Ticking...

Wow it's been awhile since I have been able to post. I hope to be a little more regular from now on.

Our family has been so busy. We are close to closing on our house and have been busting butt to try and find us a place to live. It has been so frustrating....It seems we move a step closer to something and then we move two steps back due to circumstances beyond our control. Our patience is wearing thin.

Ayden usually goes with us when we go look at a house. One house in particular that we visited lately was an older house that had lots of potential. In fact the house was huge and priced reasonably. The only problem is I have never been known as a handy man and the house would need a lot of T.L.C. Well Ayden loved it.


Was it because it was big enough for him to run around and hide from us?


It was because it had a pool table in the basement that he thought was pretty cool. He now refers to it as "the house with the balls". So every house we have looked at since Ayden has been left wondering where the "balls" are at? I have tried to convince him that maybe someday we might have a table with balls but it might be awhile.

Hunting for a place to live has brought on a lot of stress for all of us. Ayden really doesnt understand the concept. We have been living with in-laws for awhile waiting for our house to sell and it has really taken a toll on all three of us. We all need our space and Ayden needs more consistency than can be achived right now. I am really looking forward to finding a place and getting Ayden settled. Let's hope it's soon.

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