June 17, 2006

The Home Show

Well we have been in our new home close to a month now and still remain very busy. In fact if you were to walk into our home you might think we were getting ready to film a episode of the home renovation show. A number of ladders standing in various locations plastic sheathing laying of the floor, boxes laying around.....you get the idea. We have been busting our butts to get things completed but with a very active 3 year old son and two full time jobs that my wife and I share it's hard to be quick with much of anything. We decided that we would take our time and do it right. We are painting the full interior and with painting you cant do too much of anything until it's completed unless you want to do it twice. So it's coming along but at a slow pace.
Ayden seems to love his new home and that is such a great feeling knowing that we are finally in our home and he is content. That's truley what it's all about.

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