November 04, 2008

Parent / Teacher Round 1

We had our first Parent / Teacher Conference yesterday. It went without a hitch. The teacher said Ayden was a fast learner willing and anxious to learn. It was mentioned that Ayden's only hang up was his "rambunctious" behavior at times. His teacher did mention that he has improved as the year as progressed but says he can still work on this behavior at times.

I would say that I was most proud to hear that Ayden is a natual leader. The kids seem to gravitate toward him and he is not easily lead. I have always tried to fortify Ayden being a leader and able to make decisions always being aware of his age and maturity. I feel this is one of the most important triats a person can have just behind honesty and being unselfish. I look forward to continuing to nourish his leadership as well as his willingness to learn.

I'm a very proud, lucky Father.
Your the best son!

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