January 16, 2007

Getting Back To Normal

Well the Great Ice Storm Of 07 seems to be drawing to a close. Our family has been without power for the last 4 days. It looks like a tornado has touched down in our neighborhood with all of the damage created from the ice. It is amazing at the amount of damage that our city has experienced.
Ayden has handled the situation like a trooper. For his age he has done great not having anything to do and not having anything but a gas fireplace to keep him warm. Our family has not traveled far from the fireplace located in the living room for the last few days and each one of us have experienced burnout being so close to eachother for so long. It has been tough at times to keep Ayden under control with him being cooped up for so long, but we have survived and seeing how he has handled the situation once again makes me a proud father. More on the storm later.

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