February 11, 2006

Enough Concern To Go Around

Every parent you or I know likes to brag on their child. It's just a given that if you are a parent regardless of your child's situation, you are a proud one. Your child could have just gotten out of Folsom State Prison and you would be the first to tell everyone that he was a model inmate who was falsely imprisoned. I guess a child is truly a reflection of their parents or a least we all like to believe they are when your kid is doing something worth sharing (or really not worth sharing) with others. Well excuse me, I have some bragging to do.....

Ayden seems so aware of his surroundings at his young age. The famous cliche "my child is so smart for his age" has been used and rehashed more times than necessary, and I hope to not fall into that dreaded parent syndrome. You know the parents that you try to avoid because all they do is talk about how thier kid is Mr./Mrs. Intelligent. Ayden is just really aware of what is going on around him at all times .
He is so concerned about his mother and I and what we are doing at any given time.
"Daddy don't forget your books" is echoed down the hall as I am leaving for work without my needed accessories for the day.

"Daddy don't forget your lunch" can be heard as I am about to walk out the door for a days pay.

I am met with "Daddy there is food on the table for you" as I return home from work.

"Daddy wash your hands" can be counted on as I am leaving the restroom wiping my freshly cleaned hands on my pant leg.

It's nonstop from dusk to dawn. I believe we have a Mr.Concerned on our hands.

I was voted "Most Thoughtful" my Senior year in High School. It was a proud moment. I always thought that my peers just didn't understand me after I received that award. Am I really "Most Thoughtful" or is it that I have always cared about others and wasn't ever afraid to express it?
I may never know? But one thing I am sure of is it seems that Ayden is going to carry the tradition on when I am gone. He is well on his way to being "Most Thoughtful" and he has no idea what that might mean. It never helped his dad out with the ladies, but I guess it is something positive to be able to share with my son.

Yep in our house you can bet there is always enough concern to go around.

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