February 21, 2006

Busy Time Ahead

The family seems to be recovering from the sickness that has ravaged our house. I can tell Ayden is feeling better since he is back to his self with commanding order.
"Daddy, take off your shoes...."
"Daddy, eat some food....."
"Daddy,...." well you get my point.
I am entering into a time that will be very busy for me. I continue to remind myself that it's good thing, that most of the things that are going to keep me busy are things that will benefit our family in the long run. The guilt associated with being away still holds some weight, that is sometimes hard to swallow.
Isn't life funny?
We constantly struggle with the balancing act between family, career, and personal goals we set for ourselves. When do we find the time to really enjoy what we accomplish? It's a bit cliche, but Ayden is growing up so fast, I would just like to (pause) the clock for awhile. Just long enough to really take in Ayden at his current age. I guess if any of us had the ability to do such a thing, we wouldn't need clocks. We would command the time, not the other way around.

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