December 14, 2005

Hangin With Family

Ayden spending time on Thanksgiving with his cousins.

Ayden, Chloe and Dalen on the far right, are all very close in age and always seem to have a great time playing together.

As with his Mother and I, Ayden has a lot to be thankful for and our family would have to be the biggest blessing in our lives. I am always happy to be able to spend time with family on the holidays since we all live pretty close to each other. It's depressing how little time families get to spend together. Many families don't have the luxury of a short drive to share time with their loved ones and the really depressing thought are the ones that do have the luxury but fail to take advantage of it.

I want to make sure Ayden always has the oppurtunity to be around family as much as possible. I believe it will become a foundation for him as he grows into adulthood.

It will be interesting to see Ayden grow up around his cousins since they are close in age and possibily will get to attend the same schools together. I can only imagine the mischief they will find themselves in through the years. I always had a great time with a cousin of mine when I got to see her. We found ourselves in quite a bit of trouble a lot of the time.

But that's another story all together......

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