December 26, 2005

Another Wonderful Christmas

Another Great Christmas is in the can.
How great is it to be a father at Christmas!

About as great as it is to be a child at Christmas. It gets better each year with Ayden. He is at the age now that a new present to open really don't hold much meaning except something cool that he can call his own. I honestly believe that Ayden could be given a wrapped empty box and he would think it was cool just the same. I wish everyone held that child like mentality with gifts. The excitement and thrill just to receive and open something....Anything......

As time goes those gifts hold more and more meaning...Something bigger and better is asked for. The appreciation is lost on anything that doesn't fit the bill.

One thing I hope to give Ayden is the appreciation of everything material or emotional, big or small. This is a rare gift given to me from my Mother. I must admit that I haven't always had the ability to appreciate everything, but as each and every year passes the appreciation grows. I always appreciated things more than I was given credit for, but maybe not as much as I could have. I hope Ayden realizes that true appreciation is a special gift.

I thank God for another great Christmas with friends, family and our special little man who makes it complete.

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