February 03, 2009

Lessons taught, lessons learned

It's amazing how much Ayden teaches me something I either have forgotten along this twisting road of life, or simply have never learned.
Being the father I yearn to be, doesn't always mean I am in the drivers seat on teaching life's great lessons. Ayden teaches me daily the fullfillment of love, forgiveness, honesty and unfiltered excitement!
Ayden is very emotional driven. This is a double edged sword at times but what it brings in hurt feelings, it doubles in the way he is able to express his love. The hugs, kisses, and pats on the back telling me " It's OK " come regularly.
Not remembering to pack his snack for his lunch when I only have to remember one day a week drives me insane. I always feel horrible, but to Ayden it's another chance to tell his Dad "that's alright, you'll remember next time!"
He's only five shouldn't he be throwing a fit?

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