March 17, 2006

Making Sense Of It All

It has been awhile since I have had a chance to post. I promised myself that I would be posting at the minimum of once a week when I started this adventure. I have really been too busy with life to keep that promise to myself.
Here lately I have been trying to make sense of everything. It seems that life entered another gear and is just really flying by. I was thinking last night after a conversation with my Mother that I have been so busy latley that I really havent had a chance to think about much of anything. Every waking moment is filled with something and I have had no time lately to really reflect on what's going on. I dont feel like I waste any time on anything. I dont get to enjoy fillers like T.V. or the internet or other senseless time fillers to waste my time on. If I am on the internet I am doing reseach for web design or school, if I am watching T.V. or a movie my mind is racing on what I need to be doing. I have put a lot on my shoulders, but I dont want to believe that it's unobtainable. I have goals to reach and I will get them achieved.
Ayden is at the top of that list. Once again he seems to have grown two years in the last two months. He is talking in a more complete manner and he is such a blast to be around. I feel I havent got to really take the time for him I know he deserves latley, but I am going to make sure the trend doesnt continue. Ayden will be 3 years old March 26 and as I look to that time as a celebration, I also ponder if I am doing the things I truly need to be doing to make sure he has a father to be proud of. I am going to have to take the time to make sense of it all.

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